Back To Church Or Synagogue Means Virus Protection All Day Every Day

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Please take a minute to watch this video summarizing our specific program for places of worship. It’s time to make getting together in person safe again.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic to all be congregating in church or synagogue this Sunday? But how, in the middle of a pandemic, do you bring your spiritual family together safely indoors? How do you make sure your worship space, meeting rooms and bathrooms, along with sensitive AV equipment, chairs, pews, and other furniture are thoroughly sanitized every time you gather?

How do you quickly, and completely disinfect any of your spaces between services so you can have more than one per week? How? With Cleaner Lives.

Here’s how it works in 5 simple steps.

With our high-performance, 10-liter diffusers and 100% biodegradable Cleaner Lives antimicrobial, multi-surface cleaner, any staff member or volunteer can safely and effectively sanitize 100,000 square feet in an hour, neutralizing viruses and bacteria in as little as 30 seconds and shielding you for up to 4 days.

In about 60 seconds you can sanitize the average classroom, kitchen, office, small meeting room or nursery with our rechargeable hand-held diffuser, coating all surfaces in long lasting protection.

Every parishioner, congregant or staff member will take one of our Cleaner Lives sanitizing wipes and sanitize their own area or the area they work in.

They’ll dispose of their wipes and then clean their hands with our Cleaner Lives Hand Sanitizer which is 70% isopropyl alcohol—the kind hospitals use. It also moisturizes so frequent use doesn’t damage your hands.

If anyone shows up without a mask or other necessary protective equipment, Cleaner Lives makes it possible for you to provide them with what they need.

As you know, gatherings in synagogues or churches are critical to our communities. Cleaner Lives’ very cost-effective programs make in-person events possible, providing deep and durable protection all day, every day for everyone you serve, without harsh chemicals or you having to hire someone to do it for you. 

We will work with you, building on what you’re already doing and helping you mitigate potential legal liability. 

Let us take your sanitation strategy to the next level. Contact us at the number below and let’s get started today.

Our Antimicrobial Multi-Surface Cleaner…

…is a powerful solution for your clean facility needs. Its potent sanitizing formula neutralizes germs including bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can travel through the air or linger on surfaces. But while it’s harsh on germs, it’s not harsh on anything else! You can use it to clean and sanitize even the most sensitive surfaces, materials, and equipment. It kills tough odors too!

  • Safely neutralizes germs in the air and on surfaces in 30 seconds to 3 minutes and continues to kill on surfaces even after 4 days.
  • 100% biodegradable. It’s ingredients are considered Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA and are US EPA exempt from registration.
  • Requires no PPEs
  • Won’t cause fire, air pollution, or ozone depletion
  • 14 years of testing shows it neutralizes SARS, MRSA, human and canine coronaviruses, salmonella, E.coli, a variety of influenzas, hepatitis B and C, and herpes simplex 1, among others.

Our program includes 2 types of quality foggers to makes sure our antimicrobial cleaner is distributed thoroughly and effectively

10-Liter electric ULV cold diffuser

  • Atomization volume: 0~470 ml/min (adjustable)
  • Volume: 1,615 square feet per minute (150 square meters)
  • Fog particle size: 5~100um
  • Spray range: 6-10 meters
  • Rpm: 32,000 rpm
  • Gross weight: 3.5 kgs

Handheld fogger

  • Cordless and rechargeable 
  • Refillable 800 ml tank
  • 40 square meters (430 sq ft) per minute
  • 100 – 133 ml (3.4 – 4.5 oz) per minute
  • Takes two hours to fully charge
  • Works continuously for three hours

* Staff training videos will be provided for both types of foggers.

Cleaner Lives Sanitizing Wipes

Using a powerful antibacterial formula, our wipes safely clean and disinfect all washable surfaces. They’re free of harsh preservatives, dyes, and other chemicals. 

CleanShotGel™ Hand Sanitizer

  • According to the CDC, “Cleaning hands at key times with soap and water or hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to those around you.” CleanShotGel contains 70% isopropyl alcohol which the CDC has confirmed kills 99.9% of germs including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Its gentle formula won’t dry or irritate your skin, so you can use it throughout the day and share it freely with others.  

  • Kills 99.9% of most common illness-causing germs on contact

  • Free of harsh preservatives, dyes, and other chemicals

  • Contains a powerful moisturizing ingredient to help maintain skin hydration and health.

  • Fragrance-free or with a light citrus scent

3-Ply disposable masks

  • Designed to provide comfort and easy breathing
  • Ideal for school use
  • Easy to put on; no strings to tie
  • Lightweight 

Face shields

  • Pro-level, full-facial protection from eyebrows to chin 
  • High-quality, reusable PET materials 
  • Anti-fog and anti-static coating
  • Soft and comfortable fit 
  • Odor-free

* Staff training videos will be provided for both types of foggers.

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