Cleaner Lives Now Launches To Help Everybody Safely Get Back To School, Work and Life.

Cleaner Lives Logo Sanitation Program
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McKinney, TX— October 22, 2020: Cleaner Lives Now, the brainchild of Humane Choice Chairman William Nicholson and TM Cypress LLC CEO Tom Huemiller, announced that their new company is officially launching today in McKinney, TX. Cleaner Lives Now is offering comprehensive and affordable sanitation programs focused on getting teachers and students back to school, employees and staff back to work and everyone back to living safely together, as soon as possible.

Nicholson was quoted as saying, “Let’s face it, good solutions to people learning, working and living together in this pandemic are not coming to market in a timely manner. Companies are selling products, but no one has come out with a comprehensive program and set of protocols that detail how to incorporate the products into an everyday sanitation program. Something had to be done, and Cleaner Lives Now is delivering FDA- and EPA-approved solutions to school districts, universities, and businesses throughout the US. Viable options have to be created for kids who want to get back to school but can’t, for employees who want to work but can’t, for organizations that don’t function without people working in the same space safely and comfortably together.”

Huemiller acknowledges, “There’s a lot of fear out there. There are so many places where people want to gather again but don’t feel safe yet. We’re trying to help them deal with that by reducing the threat to their health with our sanitization programs.”

Although Cleaner Lives Now makes and sells products, incorporating those products into simple to follow sanitation programs is their real focus. “Our goal for these programs is for people to be able to feel safe 100% of the time,” Huemiller continues. “That can’t happen when facilities must rely on other companies to come in and sanitize for them—especially when they need cleaning and protection all day, every day. Our programs give teachers, students, management and administrators control of their own environment. Our sanitation programs and protocols can be easily implemented by anyone, anywhere.”  

The Cleaner Lives Now portfolio of safe and user-friendly products includes an antimicrobial sanitizing spray, powered by Zguard, which is 100% biodegradable, EPA-exempt, FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and designated by OSHA as a Non-Irritant. “We recommend facilities spray our antimicrobial sanitizer on all surfaces at least once a day,” Nicholson advises. “Then they can follow up with our multi-purpose sanitizing and antibacterial wipes where needed throughout the day. We also provide hand sanitizer made with 70% isopropyl alcohol, 3-ply or customizable masks, wall-mounted temp-check thermometers, and a full complement of other deep-cleaning and PPE-related items. Cleaner Lives Now is currently working with retailers, municipalities, colleges and universities including SMU and a long list of school districts. They recently received a contract with the Duncanville, TX, ISD where Superintended Dr. Mark Smith was awarded Superintendent of the Year in 2019.


Cleaner Lives Now offers comprehensive, practical sanitation programs for getting people back to school, to work, and to life safely, in spite of the Covid-19 threat. These easy-to-implement programs deliver protection against viruses and bacteria all day, every day. They are built on low-cost, 99.9% effective, biodegradable products that are made in the US. The ultimate goal of Cleaner Lives Now is to help everybody have a chance to feel protected and live safely together. Find out more at